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High Risk Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant Accounts are a viable solution to use if you are having difficulty finding a solution to process credit cards. Many issues that come up can cause these problems, such as the type of product you are selling, the amount of volume you process daily/monthly, or the possibility of having problems with your current credit. The best practical way would be to call us directly and one of our account executives can put a solution in place within a matter of 24-48 hours.

Most of the time it isn’t your fault that your account doesn't get approved or is closed down it's simply due to the underwriter's fault of incorrect volumes or dollar amounts. Unfortunately, if this occurs, then you and your business could be in jeopardy and could cause your business to be listed on the black ball list (aka TMF) resulting in all merchant providers refusing to work with you. We hope this hasn’t happened to you already and if it has we still recommend that you call us because we can still most likely get your business up and running credit cards again.

Here is a short list of the types of high risk merchant accounts we can work with:

  • Amusement & Recreation Services
  • Auto & Car Rentalv
  • Bail Bondsmen
  • Buying | Shopping / Wholesale Clubs
  • Check Cashing Services
  • Collections Agencies
  • Detective & PI Services
  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • Ecommerce & Downloading Software
  • Gun Shops
  • Infomercials
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Mortgage Services
  • MLM Multilevel Marketing
  • MOTO – Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing
  • Pawn Shops
  • Time Share
  • Travel
  • Used Auto Sales

This is a comprehensive list of the high risk merchants we work with.  If you did not see your business or product listed we may still be ble to work with you.  Please feel free to call or email us.  We look forward to helping your business Succeed!


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